The Decker Gold Project consists of 245 mineral rights claims located off the beaten path in Alaska, some suitable for placer mining and others more suitable to hard rock mining. 

This area was placer mined in the early 1900’s but its doubtful that those miners ever got to the pay streak that’s located just on top of bedrock. A turnkey placer mining operation that can get down to bedrock is available for sale and includes all of the heavy equipment necessary and a camp to go with it.

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The categories below includes slides and videos of the Decker Gold Project.

Analytical Geochemistry

See Assay results taken from “final wash concentrate.”

History & Surroundings

This area of Alaska has a long and storied history of Gold mining.

Active Operations

Placer operation is fully functional and available for sale

Map & Geology

Detailed summary of the local geology.